Prayer for the Journey

God of the journey, as we set off on our way,Untitled2
Bless us with courage
When we do not know what lies ahead;

Bless us with good companies
When the way becomes lonely;

Untitled2Bless us with keen hearing
To hear the stories of fellow travelers;

Bless us with humour
To lighten the difficult moments;

Bless us with humility
To learn from those around us;

Untitled2Bless us with lazy times;
To stretch and rest and savour;

Bless us with love, given and received;
And bless us with your presence.

Bless us, lead us, love us,
Bring us home bearing the gospel of life.

Untitled2Bless each of us on our journey and let your steadfast
Love shine upon us each day.

May all we do and say praise you, so that others know
us as your friends, brothers, sisters of your Son
Jesus Christ, in whose name we pray.